Culture of Dissent

If you’re in education, you probably have just winced at the title of this post. That’s because most education cultures don’t engage in dissent very well. And maybe that’s part of our problem. If we are constantly spending time “covering up” the sucky stuff about what we do and where we work and not facing the problems head-on, we’ll never achieve greatness. As Tim Harford, author of Adapt: Why Success Always Starts With Failure, says in the short video linked below, every organization has moments and areas that suck. It’s the ability to identify those areas and engage in conversation about improving them that will move suck to non-suck. That conversation will often be fierce with good, healthy, dissenting opinions on how to change.

The challenge, though, is not simply being willing to define areas that suck, but to want to improve and become great, even when you differ on how improvement (or non-suck) should look.

Tim Harford – Big Think video


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