Steve Jobs Biography

I have acquired, but not yet started reading, the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. After stumbling across this First Friday Book Synopsis, I am intrigued by the “lessons” in the biography. They aren’t just “business lessons” but rather leadership lessons applicable to any field, especially education.

My favorite: “Build a team of A Players – Keep them A PlayersNon-A Players create more non-A players.  (They drag people down…)  A Players are genuinely, truly critical.”

Hiring quality people in any organization, including schools, is so important. Not easy; but important. It is tempting to settle for the “best available,” but more often than not they are the Non-A Players you don’t want. Non-A players really do create more non-A players. Mediocrity. Status quo. Bad. Very bad.

I think I want to read this book.


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