TEDx NYED – My notes….

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the TEDxNYED event at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. I enjoyed attending the event and was pleased to hear so much about the importance of students creating and collaborating. We don’t do enough of this, via technology tools, in schools.

Unedited LiveStream is at this link.

Here are my notes. More to come as I reflect on these ideas.

Jenny Buccos

  • ProjectExplorer.org – the place for cross-cultural conversations
  • Global citizenship in the classroom
  • We are too focused on the economic outcome of education.
  • “No topic is off limits as long as it’s from a point of learning.”
  • Our idea of global citizenship is too often limited to “international cuisine and world holidays.”
  • Inquiry – adapt a fact to your own viewpoint
  • celebrating commonalities while respecting different life paths

Jose Luis Vilson

  • Teaching2030 – A vision for what our students need and and the teaching profession they deserve. Video link.
  • Teacher voice – How can we use the teacher voice the elevate the conversation?
  • Teachers must speak up and speak out.
  • Teachers deserve a seat at the table.

Juliette LaMontagne

  • Breaker – one alternative learn pathway. A “breaker” loves creative collaboration
  • Linking learning to entrepreneurialism
  • Don’t stop learning about the problem, design the solution.

Jim Groom

  • Educational aPOPcolypse – the crisis logic surrounding education; an emergency in education that may not exist.
  • It’s not a crisis…it’s a scam!
  • Ask what it means to create, produce, be a citizen of the web.
  • DS106 Radio

Sree Sreenivasan

  • Connecting the physical and the digital
  • Twitter – @sree
  • Website – sree.net
  • Presentation and social media guide online – bit.ly/sreesoc
  • Social media will amplify your message and get you attention better than any other media.
  • Listen, don’t just broadcast.
  • You can’t say social media doesn’t work unless you are “on” social media.
  • Marry the digital and physical to have anything happen (i.e. Egypt) – it’s not an either/or but rather both.
  • How do we use hashtags in classrooms?
  • Sree’s social media success formula: Make sure your social media posts have at least one or more of these…

    • helpful
    • useful
    • informative
    • relevant
    • practical
    • actionable
    • timely
    • generous
    • credible
    • brief
    • entertaining
    • fun
    • occasionally funny

Jamie Cloud

  • What is sustainability and how do you educate for it?
  • Ehrenfold – the possibility that human life will flourish on the planet forever
  • Why is it so easy to get stuck in our thinking? Brain science
  • Mindfulness vs. mindlessness (changing perspective, reflection)
  • We operate from intentions, not feedback. Frames drive behavior, not data.
  • It’s not a lack of education, it’s education itself. It’s the system.
  • schooling vs. learning

Christopher Emdin

  • Creating vs. consuming
  • Connecting content to context – relevancy

Adam Bellow

  • Stop with “fixing education”
  • Technology evolves and so should education
  • Break the rules
  • Following vs. Figuring
  • Learn with and from kids
  • Students should be able to question, think, act.
  • Question the rules of the system
  • Act louder
  • Control yourselves
  • Be infectious

Sophie Altchek

  • Concussion awareness
  • Senior at Horace Mann School
  • Shared her blog and Facebook to demonstrate how she connects over a topic that is personal to her

Tony Wagner

  • It’s not what you know, but what you can do.
  • Do you have the skill and the will?
  • 7 survival skills
  • America has been innovative – in spite of or because of its education system?
  • Culture of schooling is radically different from what is needed for innovation.
  • There is no innovation without trial and error
  • It’s not failure, it’s iteration.
  • Innovators learn early from failure that you can recover from a mistake.
  • Not passive consumption, but creating real products for a real audience
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Play, Passion, Purpose (give back, make a difference)
  • We have to innovators, collaborators and risk takers
  • Where are we encouraging the play, passion and purpose in our classrooms?

Bre Pettis

Patrick Honner

  • Mathematics is a highly creative endeavor
  • Making your own rules is a part of creativity
  • Photography, creative writing, origami, knitting – connect math to student interests
  • See the creative side of mathematics

Frank Noschese

  • Learn science by doing science – all the time.
  • There is a disconnect between scientists and students.
  • Teaching does not equal explaining.
  • Teaching is creating experiences for constructing meaning
  • Students create their own experiments, they don’t just follow a prescribed list of steps and fill in the data table.
  • Students share their information with the class as a scientific community.
  • Play with a purpose

Jaymes Dec

  • Making @ School
  • What did you MAKE today?
  • Maker fair – student demonstrations; innovation + creation
  • Kids really do like to make things
  • Flow
  • Why don’t we design school to be more like making spaces – tinkering and hacking?
  • Real world design challenges as opposed to classes – ultimate multidisciplinary exercise.
  • Making things teaches perseverence – you come out better prepared to face challenges.
  • tinker cad

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