Time and Change

Two great videos shared on different blogs today. The first comes from Scott McLeod and Dangerously Irrelevant. The video shares the important idea that we need time if we are going to be creative. For me personally, this idea connects to conversations I have had with a colleague who has moved to central office from a building-level administrative position. The pace in central office can be less hectic. But without the calmer pace, I’m not sure how much creative thinking we would get accomplished. How can we help change that so our building administrators can experience more time for creative thinking and problem solving?

The second video comes from Partick Larkin and Learning in Burlington. The video is the Ignite talk presented by Will Richardson at ISTE 12. In the talk, Will shares 19 Bold Ideas of Change. All the ideas are interesting, but my favorite ideas (which happen to be things we need to work on in my district):

  • Be Googled well – How conscious are we of creating a digital footprint? When we hire new staff, do we check digital footprints?
  • Learn first, Teach second – Are we the chief learner in our classroom? School?
  • Share everything – How much do we share? We can share far more than we do.
  • Ask questions you don’t know the answers to – Are the questions we ask easily found in Google? If not, we aren’t asking very good questions that move us to higher levels of thinking.
  • Unlearn. Relearn – Our frame of education is too often rooted in dusty ideas. We have to be open to listening, hearing new ideas and taking action to make modifications to our thinking.

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