The Struggle

One of the challenges I’m experiencing in my new role as Assistant Superintendent is balancing the day-to-day work with the  innovative work. In my previous role as Director of Data and Technology, my responsibilities were more focused and it was easier to make the time to focus on new ideas to move us forward. I’m wondering if it’s this way because it’s the beginning of my work in the position or if it’s the beginning of the school year. Or if it’s just the way it is!

It is the innovative, creative work that is energizing. I need to devise a plan to balance the day-to-day with the innovative work or see if things change as the year progresses. Sam Chaltain’s Huffington Post article, Reimagining Education, NOW reminds me that this is not a unique struggle, but one we must overcome if we are to move our schools forward.

Is anyone else experiencing the struggle between the day-to-day work and innovative work?


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