Two Videos

In the quest to change education, here are two videos I have recently discovered. What ideas do you find interesting? Practical? Controversial? How do we go about changing our system to bring about a vision such as that communicated in these brief documentaries?


PASA/PSBA School Leadership Conference

This past week, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Russ Giordano, our school board president, and Lynn Fuini-Hetten, our supervisor of instructional practice, on a presentation to superintendents and school board members from across Pennsylvania. The presentation was titled, Visioneering with Technology in Challenging Times and communicated the story of our journey in the Salisbury Township School District to improve teaching and learning with technology. After the presentation, our high school media teacher, Kelly Wetherhold, and three high school students presented at the Education Excellence Fair, focusing on our unique media course offerings.

We do have an interesting story to tell about how we have arrived where we are and what we are doing to take our next steps. It is always exciting to share the work with other like-minded school leaders. Below is a link to our presentation slides, notes and handout. We hope to continue sharing the great things happening in the Salisbury Township School District!

Presentation slides and notes: Visioneering with Technology in Challenging Times

Presentation Handout


How do our school/district leaders frame greatness? How would leaders respond if asked to describe a time when they felt they were part of something really great — exceptional? How wide would the variation be among a team of school leaders in describing greatness? Are we lacking a sense of greatness in public education? How are leaders inspired to move toward greatness and away from mediocrity?