The Neutrality of Technology and Social Media

social-media-bandwagonThis is a valuable share because we tend to blame technology rather than ourselves for the negatives. Technology is inherently neutral – neither good nor bad. It’s all in how WE choose to use it. The article The Advantages and Disadvantages of Student Social Media Use from Justin Marquis, Ph.D. (@drjwmarquis), effectively outlines a lot of what we hear about the advantages and disadvantages from teachers, students and parents.

“There is no right or wrong answer about social media in our educational systems. It is an evolving method of communication and one that is only more likely to gain acceptance and prevalence. Rather than rail against it, it makes more sense to embrace it, minimize the negatives and teach students new ways of engaging with social media, their instructors, and each other that will support them in becoming connected learners with the skills to become successful connected workers.”

How are we as educators personally using social media and technology tools? I see gaps in use from leadership to teachers. Not enough of us fully participate from a learning perspective. How are we instructing our students in how to manage the negative aspects of technology and social media, and, more importantly, how are we shaping their positive use of these tools? Our work with students in these areas is lagging further behind. We can start by using these tools in the positive ways outlined by Marquis.


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