Thinking of schools as workplaces

innovativeschools-4From the article “How to make your classroom a thinking space“…

Think back to your mental image of a creative workplace. Was the place you imagined a school? If the answer was “no,” why not? School is a work place for 55 million people in the United States where 51.5 million student “workers” and 3.5 million teachers are charged with shaping the future. That’s a big job. That’s work!

Is the work environment for your students conducive to collaboration and creative thinking? For me personally, a work environment that “fits” is critical. If I had to work at a desk in a room that was set up to discourage collaboration, I think any creative spirit would wither away. In fact, if you know me, you know that in the past few months the work space I have access to has changed considerably. It is contemporary, comfortable, fluid, and, most importantly, conducive to collaborative, creative work.

How many school construction projects prioritize an innovative, collaborative learning environment? Or do they simply reproduce from a mold of “school” that was created decades ago?

By Randy Ziegenfuss Posted in Learning

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