Working at the edge….



Seeking Excellence

wasteteimGood advice from George Couros to school leaders in a recent post (“People do not fail in life because they aim too high and miss…”) –

“…if we were to take a look at a lot of the tasks that we do in school, do they lead to ‘great’ or are they something we just do because we have always done it that way.  If we want to get better, we should look at what we need to do, while also what we need to get rid of.”

I’ve witnessed the feeling, on a regular basis, of being overwhelmed with more and more tasks that consume the leader’s time. Leaders that get things done do so not only by creating a vision and carrying it out, but relegating initiatives and effort that do not align with the vision to the trash heap. Sifting and sorting the “need to do” and the “need to get rid of” is becoming more challenging as our bureaucracies continue to saddle us with more and more mandates. This makes school leadership a more complex endeavor than ever – determining what to stop wasting our time on.