Superintendents and Technology

The Gallup Organization and Education Week recently teamed up to survey superintendents across the country. The organizations plan to administer  similar surveys for superintendents four times annually. The first survey asked questions about Common Core Standards and the potential of technology. While only about 2,500 of 12,000 superintendents responded (NOT representing a nationally representative mix). the results prompt some questions.

  • In 2013, why do we still have educators (especially superintendents in such influential positions) who would strongly disagree or even disagree (1 or 2 below) with any of the survey statements?
  • Does the fact that the survey is admittedly NOT representative of a national mix mean anything significant?
  • What is the bottom line in terms of interpreting the data?

Personally, it baffles my that we still have leaders in influential positions such as superintendent who think technology is something superfluous. Since the survey participants do not represent a national sample, the results may be skewed. Maybe future surveys will shed more light on these results But I think the bottom line is that the survey confirms the notion that we have work to do in developing school leadership to embrace new models of learning that include the use of technology. A lot of work. While between 50-75% agree or strongly agree with the statements, I don’t think that’s good enough.

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 9.01.23 PM


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