Infographics…a way to manage large amounts of information

I’m currently listening to a very interesting audiobook – Your Brain at Work: Strategies for Overcoming Distraction, Regaining Focus, and Working Smarter All Day Long. I am enjoying the book because the suggested strategies for dealing with distraction are rooted in how the brain works. Distraction, especially in our hyper-connected world, is a topic that interests me very much.

Early on in the book, the author talks about creating visuals to deal with large amounts of information. Our brains process visuals more quickly than text. This makes sense as there seem to be so many new infographics coming out on a daily basis. One of my summer goals is to learn how to make infographics, and I think I will start by attempting to make an infographic of the “distraction” chapter in the book.

While I have been thinking about infographics, I ran across this excellent video, Storytelling with Inforgraphics. It seems as if infographics have certainly caught on, allowing us to process large amounts of information more quickly. How can infographics be utilized more effectively in school? How can infographics support deeper thinking and inquiry? How can they be used as a form of assessment? All questions I hope to explore in the remaining weeks of summer.

By Randy Ziegenfuss Posted in Learning

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