Google Drive as cloud storage

google_drive_logo_3963We have been using Google Apps for Education in my school district for about five years, under the name Falcon Apps. It has really become a part of the culture throughout the organization and has worked particularly well with our 1:1 laptop/learning initiative TL2014. For the past five years we have provided students with email accounts (starting in 2nd grade) and access to all of the other components in Google Apps for Education except Google+ (only because of strict age restrictions imposed by Google). We also have provided staff with accounts (in addition to their public email on a different domain) to more easily collaborate and share with their students.

This summer we made the decision to migrate teacher email accounts over to the “student” email domain. Everyone will now have an email at the domain. One of the reasons why we are doing this is to experiment a little this year with saving and storing files in the cloud using Google Drive. The fact that Google Apps is free and each account gets 30 GB of storage is making the idea of cloud storage very appealing!

How timely then that I ran across this great series of video tutorials on using Google Drive from Anson Alexander (@ansonalex). These tutorials will be very useful to demonstrate how to upload/backup multiple types of files to Google Drive and to just review the functionality of Drive. I learned a few things I didn’t know before!

How are you and your students using Google Drive?

Tutorial #1: This video covers the basic functionality of Google Drive and how to upload/backup multiple types of files to Google Drive.

Tutorial #2: A tutorial on how to compose Google Docs in Google Drive using the 2013 interface.

Tutorial #3: A tutorial on sharing Google Docs and other files and folders using the 2013 Google Drive interface.

Tutorial #4: A tutorial with tips on organizing documents and files in Google Docs using the 2013 Google Drive interface.


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