Limited vision?

Human Networks

I located this quote/photo on George Couros’s blog, Principal of Change. Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to engage with a variety of educators on the topic of teaching and learning with technology. The above quote from Clay Shirky reminded me of the limited view so many educators have of how technology can impact learning. Too many educators stop their thought process at the idea of using technology simply to access static information instead of emphasizing connection and access to active minds. Engaging active minds invites inquiry and deeper learning and understanding. I’d say this distinction is a fairly significant hurdle for school leaders and educators in general to get over before we really see transformational uses of technology.


One comment on “Limited vision?

  1. At the risk of trivializing the issue, I will offer part of a song lyric as my resolution to this difficult problem. “I believe that children are the future, teach them well and LET THEM LEAD THE WAY”! It is my opinion that a sort of natural selection is the only way to truly take us over that “hurdle”. That process will be led by children. We will either get on the train with them or be left behind. We no longer have a stronghold on their tools and resources. Their access is no longer confined within the physical school building. The technology revolution really boils down to educational evolution. Want to part of the educational gene pool? Adapt, assimilate, evolve. I will end with a modification of yet another song lyric (love song lyrics). “Attention all teachers in public education: We have assumed control, we have assumed control”! -Rush 2112. Let’s enter their world……finally!

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