5 minutes that got me thinking…

opinionWatch this teenager school educators on the dangers of Common Core… (not embeddable on WordPress.)

I’ve seen this video shared numerous times over the past few days on social media, so I thought I’d watch it. Interesting it is. Nice to see a students with the willingness (and ability) to communicate his feelings on one aspect of the nonsense going on in education. After finishing the video, I had this thought:

Where are the educators, parents, board members – adults – taking a productive stand against the seemingly never-ending ridiculousness of education policy?

Educators do a lot of whining, but take little action when it comes to policy such as Common Core, teacher evaluation, principal evaluation, NCLB, School Performance Profile…and the nonsense goes on. It was refreshing to hear a student engage in (and try to engage others in) the conversation. Now, where are the educators? When will we stop rolling over to the nonsense created by policymakers and departments of education. Education is a big “industry” comprising no small percentage of the workforce. If educators could speak as one voice, we might make a difference. On the whole and as a profession educators are not know for taking action, just good at taking their marching orders from above. Just like the system we grew up in and are (for the most part) running now…end of rant.


2 comments on “5 minutes that got me thinking…

  1. I watched this video earlier this week and several more times yesterday and today. It’s a conversation I have had with my friend and your colleague, Michael, many times. It is so frustrating to have educational, pedagogical and policy decisions being driven by politicians and test-making companies. In my opinion it is a means to a planned end. I know, sounds like a conspiracy theory. Maybe it is. But, I believe that end is the dismantling of the public school system so that for-profit/private schools can corner the market. And, it will be a “market”. Education professionals need to wrestle their profession from the hands of campaigning politicians and those who would stand to profit from such a conspiracy.

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