Digital Citizenship – A Platform for Good

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 5.10.45 PMI found this great resource and wanted to share. We hear lots about how students (can) use the internet for unproductive (or just plain stupid) endeavors. Educators and parents need to be teaching children and modeling the qualities of good digital citizens, not blocking sites such as social media. A Platform for Good is a nice resource for parents and educators to use and engage in these important conversations with students. This post is cross-posted from SalisburySD.US.

The success of our children in any educational endeavor is dependent upon the effective collaboration between parents and educators. In the age of the internet and high levels of connectivity and access to digital content, the collaborative development of digital citizenship in our children is more important than ever! Earlier this school year, Salisbury parents had the opportunity to learn strategies for at-home management of the laptop computers students in grades 6-12 use. Mrs. Lynn Fuini-Hetten and I met with a group of parents using the book 1 to 1 at Home  as a starting point for our conversation. (You can download the Study Guide online.)

Parents continue to inquire and seek guidance in the areas of digital citizenship, online safety, online privacy and digital footprint and want to know how they can best help their children develop in these areas. Recently, APlatformForGood.ORG published a series of Digital Citizenship Flashcards that are the perfect resource for parents to engage children in conversations about many areas of digital citizenship. Here’s how the site describes this new resource: “To help them make the grade, download these flashcards to help them boost their online know-how. From safety and privacy to literacy and online responsibility, these cards cover digital citizenship basics and have conversation  starters to get you and your child thinking and talking.”

If you download the flashcards and use them as a resource, let us know what you think in the comment section below!

By Randy Ziegenfuss Posted in Learning

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