What’s not in a score?

With the release of Pennsylvania’s  School Performance Profile, we continue to label schools, this time with a single score. While SPP is being touted as based on multiple measures, that’s really a bit of smoke and mirrors. Ninety percent (90%)  of the score is still based on a single testing window (PSSA/Keystone Exams) snapshot in time.

I’m fortunate enough to be in a district where we value more than just the SPP score. This morning, I found this image on Twitter that communicates some of what we value beyond the simple test score.


By Randy Ziegenfuss Posted in Learning

One comment on “What’s not in a score?

  1. Thanks for this post Randy! I too am lucky enough to be working for a principal who values more than scores. I am especially fond of the “sense of wonder” that children naturally exhibit. When that sense of wonder is encouraged and nurtured it brings our children out of the “box” that the testing environment has created.
    Rock On, Charlie

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