Summer Project!

Final-Logo copyAbout two years ago I suggested to my colleague, Lynn Fuini-Hetten (@lfuinihetten), that we needed to do more sharing and that we should start a podcast. After learning how to record something that sounded decent and purchasing some equipment, I was ready to go. Well, not so much! (And I’ve been harassed for the past two years!) Life and work got in the way and it just wasn’t happening. Until I decided that this was going to be THE big summer project!

Today we launch TLTalkRadio, a podcast where Lynn and I will share out and engage listeners on a whole host of topics related to education – leadership, teaching and learning. We will definitely have guests as well! (So let us know if you are interested!)

Here is our elevator pitch:

Regardless of role, we all face many of the same leadership challenges every day. To be the most effective educational leaders, we need to design a balance between managing the operational side of our roles and the creativity and vision needed to challenge the status quo. To do that, reflecting on what we have done in the past, why we have done it, and whether or not it still meets the needs of our organization is essential. Join TLTalkRadio hosts Lynn Fuini-Hetten (@lfuinihetten) and Randy Ziegenfuss (@ziegeran) weekly as they share leadership stories, feature guest interviews and inspire you to lead for the change we need in schools for the digital age.

Our 1st episode is an overview of what we want the show to develop into – our vision. In the 2nd episode we share out about the Bucks Lehigh Edusummit a conference that took place this week – how it came about, how it comes together and how it benefits the educators that participated in the two-day event.

Lynn and I want to interact with listeners so we will share out one or two questions each week designed to engage. Comments can be posted on our blog at on on Twitter using the hashtag #TLTalkRadio.

We are also looking for listener input into show topics. If you visit the site, you will notice a red button on the right to leave us a voice mail with your ideas.

And of course, we’re on Facebook, Twitter and you can subscribe to the podcast through iTunes U.

Lynn and I are very excited about this new venture! We are committed to sharing out our work and learning from others interested in the conversations. Come learn with us!


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