How do we model inquiry as organizations?

questions5 Ways to Help Your Students Become Better Questioners:

The humble question is an indispensable tool: the spade that helps us dig for truth, or the flashlight that illuminates surrounding darkness. Questioning helps us learn, explore the unknown, and adapt to change.

That makes it a most precious “app” today, in a world where everything is changing and so much is unknown. And yet, we don’t seem to value questioning as much as we should. For the most part, in our workplaces as well as our classrooms, it is the answers we reward — while the questions are barely tolerated.

Questioning is at the heart of an inquiry classroom! Further in the article, Warren Berger provides 5 conditions for us to think about as we work to make our classrooms places of student inquiry.

  • make it safe
  • make it “cool”
  • make it fun
  • make it rewarding
  • make it stick

How are we as educators modeling these conditions for our students? Do we inquire as a staff? Do school leaders approach challenges through inquiry? If we want our classrooms to be places of inquiry, we need our organizations to be places of inquiry led by leaders who model the way and establish an environment where questions are welcomed, not just tolerated.


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