Measuring Leadership

measuringleadershipIn our measurement obsessed culture, the words of Simon Sinek are a breath of fresh air. This from The 21st Century Workplace podcast – Your Leadership Echo – with Simon Sinek and David Marquet:

Leadership, like parenting, is like exercise. It cannot be measured on a daily basis. You can go to the gym and work out, and come back and look in the mirror. You’ll see nothing. You go the next day, you come back and look in the mirror, and you see nothing. Leadership and parenting are exactly the same thing. We don’t always see daily results. But if you looked at a photograph of yourself from three months prior, the results are stark. The problem is that good leadership takes patience, it takes belief and it takes commitment. Bad leadership may look good on a daily basis, but over the course of time we might find that the organization, and more important, the will of the people, is being destroyed.

Processing these words reminds me of the importance of daily reflection. But every so often it is important for us to reflect on larger increments than our daily work. What are the resulting changes over three months, six months, years? In our data obsessed profession, the cycle of analyzing and judging with immediacy needs to be broken. I’m still processing the meaning of the last sentence.