Twitteracy, Literacy and Generation Z – a few more presentations

sharelearnPresentations benefit both presenter and attendee as opportunities to share and learn. I enjoy sharing ideas, and developing a presentation always helps me to clarify my own thinking. And if others can benefit in that process, that’s a bonus! In the last post, I shared a presentation I did for the Keystone Technology Innovators/Integrators group in the Lehigh Valley. After writing that post, I realized there were a few other presentations I gave the past few months but did not share on this blog. So I thought I’d share them here as some may find the information useful and interesting.

Generation Z: It’s Complicated – – For this presentation we engaged in a conversation around two resources: a presentation on Generation Z from the marketing firm Sparks & Honey and the recently published book by danah boydIt’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens.

Twitteracy: The What, Why and How – How can Twitter be used to develop and reinforce literacy skills? In this presentation I started with basics about Twitter and ended by sharing practical examples of how Twitter can be a powerful (and relevant) tool in developing the literacy skills of our students.

Approaches to Literacy for Generation Z – My colleague,  @lfuinihetten, and I presented this session to the Colonial Association of Reading Educators and the Moravian College Education Department. During the session, we explored the potential for technology-rich literacy instruction in four areas: (1) analyzing and discussing literature; (2) reinforcing reading and writing through digital storytelling; (3) crafting effective persuasive and argumentative writing; and (4) engaging social media to improve reading and writing skills. A podcast recapping the session is available on TLTalkRadio.

In February, @lfuinihetten and I are looking forward to our next presentation, Evaluating and Assessing Your Digital Learning Initiative: Keys to Success at both the AASA National Conference on Education and PETE&C. We will also be presenting The SAMR Framework: Leveling Tech Integration at PETE&CWe’ll be sure to share those as well! 

How do you share your knowledge with others? What is the value to sharing your knowledge with others at conferences and other professional gatherings?


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