What does a Superintendent do? #ASuperDay #ASuperDayRZ

asuperdayCross-posted to SalisburySD.US.

I have often shared that great things happen in our schools and classrooms. I know this because I get to see it…every day. Our professionals – teachers, teacher leaders and administrators – work tirelessly to provide the best opportunities for our students and staff to learn. Office personnel, instructional assistants, cafeteria staff, computer techs and maintenance staff provide valuable support to our schools and district. There are so many layers to this system that it can be overwhelming to explain the valuable contribution of each one. Enter social media to help.

You can see how we currently share through our Facebook page and through our Twitter account. (You can also connect with us on other social media.) One of my wishes for Salisbury is that we continue to share the many unique and wonderful opportunities we provide for our students, and that we make this sharing second nature.

With this in mind, I joined a national experiment on February 18 for Superintendents to document their day and share some of their work through Twitter using the hashtag #ASuperDay. Want to know what a “typical” day looks like for a Superintendent? Check out the Storify linked below to see some of what I did on February 18. You can also check out the #ASuperDay hashtag or what will be my personal ASuperDay hashtag – #ASuperDayRZ.

While the project will go live on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, I promise that you will continue to see sharing from me on a daily basis. Want to learn and see more about the great things in Salisbury? Like our Facebook page, follow our Twitter account (@SalisburySchool) and follow my professional Twitter account (@ziegeran).



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