Make School Different @ #KTI2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 3.57.31 PMThis past week, I had the pleasure of speaking to this year’s class of Keystone Technology Innovators (#kti2015). It was a pleasure to speak with such a group of dynamic and dedicated educators! A bonus: three teachers from Salisbury Township School District were present – Jen Brinson (@jbrinson21), a KTI Lead Learner; Linda Helfrich (@LindaHelfrich), 5th grade teacher from HST; and Laura DosSantos (@LDos322), World Language Department Chair and Spanish teacher. We as a district are very proud of you for your work with our students and receiving this recognition!

The topic of the talk was Make School Different, and there were lots of opportunities for the STARS to engage by exploring ways they can make school different and committing to something for 2015-16 by the end of the talk. The conversation on the #kti2015 hashtag is embedded in the Storify below along with the Today’s Meet conversation and resources shared during the talk. Lastly, I’ve shared the slides from the presentation. Thanks to Ross Cooper (@rosscoops31) for help in designing the builds for the presentation (of which you don’t see in the Slideshare). KTI is an awesome breath of fresh air for teachers! Thanks to Ann Noonen (@anoonen) and the KTI Lead Learners for all you do to make this a transformative week for PA educators!

Storify of #kti2015 during the talk…

Todaysmeet backchannel

Additional resources mentioned in the talk

Slides from Slideshare




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