What are you not teaching?

learningandtimeAs we work to reimagine our classrooms, I found this short video full of interesting questions from Reid Wilson:

  • What won’t we be teaching 10, 20, 30 years from now?
  • What don’t our students need to know to become successful global citizens?
  • What’s now dead in education? What do we take out? What gets cut?

Several good quotes:

  • Trying to cram everything into a limited amount of time is like trying to cram a bunch of seeds into a tiny garden. If too many seeds are spread throughout a limited area, they’ll be no space for anything to grow. If we give no space for seeds to grow they’ll suffocate themselves in competition for their limited resources. Learning and time are like this.
  • It’s time we start these conversations in our own schools around what gets taken out so we can make room for the how and the why.
  • Shying away from the questions and conversations will only lead to education’s inevitable suffocation. Take back your cup, and only fill it when something has been taken out. Stand up and ask What don’t we teach? What won’t we teach? What gets cut?

Are our students expected to meet too many standards? Who is having conversations around the important questions posed in this talk? Are these questions part of the conversation to transform education?


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