Commitment and Passion in Artists

For much of my adult life I’ve had the opportunity to attend a lot of music, opera and theater living so close to New York City. I marvel at how the success of the ensemble art form – opera, musical theatre, theatre and orchestra – principally relies on two things: the passion of the leader (director, conductor, producer, etc.) and the passion of the performers (musicians, actors, singers, etc.). Rarely do I ever witness a “phoned in” performance. Performances are of such high quality because of the commitment and passion of the artists.

Granted, New York City is a market within the arts domain that attracts and employs the most committed. Does the field of education have professionals totally committed and passionate about their craft? Do certain parts of the country tend to attract the most committed and passionate educators? What does commitment and passion look like in our field? Does education attract the brightest? (There is some debate about this.) Is the domain of education so different that it can never share this quality with the performing arts?

As I sit in a performance, I often wonder what education would look like if we all had the same passion and commitment as the artists performing on stage.